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The creation of the world wide web as we know it today was built in a utopian manner, with no real thought about personal security or future technologies. It was built before we realised that our digital identity, representation and opinions are important or could become easily traceable. This was before anyone could even fathom the issues around social media leaks, government email hacking, or the monetization of your personal data by corporations. All of these issues came from what is known as ‘Web 2.0’, or the web of social connectivity. So now that we are approaching the next evolution of the web, we need to ensure it is done correctly, and with the beginning of what could be considered the Web 3.0, we ensure we can fix the problems of the past. This is why we are building the WRIO Internet OS on blockchain technology. And why we are creating a platform to help usher in Web 3.0 the way we want it to be.

The Browser Enterprise

WRIO Internet OS in its primary phase is a cloud service designed to navigate through a decentralized semantic and secure web; soon it will develop into a browser. It is referred as Web 3.0, an evolutionary step ahead of today’s user interaction networks. This is where things are heading – allowing you a more secure, customizable and curated browsing experience. Blockchain integration ensures safety and security of your data, and could be used to validate everything from money transfers to social interaction to complete data management and development.
The browser would become an analyzing and filtering instrument for the whole Web. When you are looking for specific content, it will find, understand, curate and interact with the environment, delivering you the information you want in the format you want to view it. Think of it like a digital assistant, that will filter out all the noise and only present you with valuable info. WRIO Internet OS is able to process content, reason and make logical deductions from that data; when the user wants to delegate specific functions to the software, all of these tasks are performed automatically. It will run on a remote server and the client will receive a user-friendly experience where the results of their request are displayed. This platform has the ability to replace – in the near future – the current Operating Systems (OS), offering a window into the decentralized network – distributed records and information backup for transactions – to expand, protect your data and make limitless connections. Complete functions will be available just by being online. Inaccessible to any malicious software, making it an encrypted and immutable system (no software installation, updates or having to buy new versions, no downtime due to hardware errors and no need to spend large amounts on high-end computers, as all the heavy lifting is done in the cloud.

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Web 2.0 Vs. Web 3.0

Web 2.0 lead to the growth of user-interaction environments. Through Web 3.0, semantic networks are where the focus is shifting. Software engineering innovation, automatic data processing, including artificial intelligence, and new product innovations are all heading in this direction. The Semantic Web, as a metadata-based infrastructure, provides a way for computers to reason on the web. This is why in the near future, your phone, tablet or computer will be able to actively help you browse media, news, etc. Already companies are predicting what you want to view and helping you find it, but with Web 3.0 this will be an inherent part of the data itself. And will not require you to give up your privacy or freedom of choice to any specific company. The W3C define the Semantic Web as “ …a common framework that allows data to be shared and reused across application, enterprise, and community boundaries ”. Meaning you will be able to access content across different applications, websites and systems all in one place. There are less than 5% of semantic pages and the WRIO Internet OS plan is to redefine those values.

Why use Semantic Web markup? There are many benefits to this growing corner of the web:

● Understanding. The Web 3.0 format aims to create a method to classify Internet pages, a system of labeling that not only allows search engines to find information on the network but to understand it. By achieving this, you can ask a question in natural language, without needing codes for a specific subject, and your browser will be able to interpret this, and find content that is related across platforms regardless of the format of the websites.
● Ease. In Web 2.0, Internet users who visit a website could spend a significant amount of time in learning how to use it. The new design for Web 3.0 aims for a more distributed network standard, making it easy for you to navigate the web and reshape what the Internet looks like.
● Administration. Programs and websites become small pieces of information distributed on the Web and are capable of working like lego blocks. You will be able to pick up and mix these pieces to perform a particular task. I.e. when searching for holiday destinations, you could get a curated recommendation for a holiday based on Yelp reviews, AirBnB rankings, WebJet costs, and locations that have activities relating to your interests. The web becomes a vast executable expanse. Distributed computing systems – systems that unite the power of many computers in a single  entity – become a standard option for operating systems.

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Aligned with the Future, Passing Value to the People

webRunes is kick starting this project through an initial coin offering. With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, and the planned integration with blockchain, this is the perfect avenue to launch. There will be a limited sale of tokens available for direct purchase within the WRIO OS environment; once the initial coin offering has finished, the tokens will only be able to be bought through secondary markets and exchanges. All of the enthusiasts and businessmen who jumped into the early stages of cryptocurrency have seen unprecedented growth in the ecosystem. Now you too have the opportunity to join a viable and functioning project and be part of building the future online society.

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