The main reason to sell Bitcoin is charity

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A mobile polling panel, Pollfish, in collaboration with WeTrust, which is a crowdfunding Ethereum based platform, has scrutinized the reasons motivating crypto holders to sell their assets. It was surprising but the main reason for such steps is not panic provoked the downside movement of cryptocurrencies market but the wish to make donations. This means that cryptocurrencies reversed a 20-year trend in USA when households manifested less and less will to give away money for charity. Cryptocurrencies has created a special ecosystem’s state of thinking that means that crypto world tends to be more open to charitable needs.

63% Americans who operate fiat and constantly use mobile banking services wished to donate vs 77% of cryptocurrencies holders who were inclined to do such steps. The last respondents made It clear that the most of them, 90,5%, at least once made donations to any charity’s purposes. The average figure for US adults is 55%. When respondents were asked about their view whether fiat or cryptocurrencies stimulate more donations the most people, 55%, responded in favor of cryptocurrencies. 24% are more likely to donate if they can undertake such financial step in cryptocurrencies. Top lines for charity are children’s issues – 49%, fixing homelessness issue – 42%, fighting hunger – 41%, and care for animals –38%.

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