Tom Lee: the best time to buy cryptocurrencies is now

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Tom Lee of Fundstrat Global Advisers in the course of his speech at the BlockShow Asia 2018 argues that the current bear market open the best option to enter market. He believes that any investor who wants to earn more than 7% a year as medium risk bearing securities offer must go to cryptocurrencies market now. Lee also clears the understanding that one sees the dawn of new, emerging class of assets and this class is only evolving and opening its potential.

He cites the facts that there are 50 million of active Bitcoin addresses now that is shy figure if one compares it with 2,27 million PayPal accounts or 4,6 billion MasterCard and Visa accounts. The Lee’s example of such slow development of Bitcoin has given response from crypto experts. Binance chief, Changpeng Zhao, stresses that there is “adoption, slowly but surely.” Anthony Pompliano, the founder of Morgan Creek Capital, reveals that difference between Bitcoin and MasterCard narrows and that makes an evidence of successful development of crypto world: “Daily transaction volumes: MasterCard does ~$11 billion, Bitcoin does ~$8 billion Bitcoin is closing the gap. This will be the real flippening.”

Tom Lee forecasts that Bitcoin in ten years will hit $10 million target and this year he predicts a good gift for crypto world since he’s expecting Bitcoin reaching $15,000 level. Phillip Nunn commented it just saying “Imagine if $3500 was the lowest price you were ever going to be able to acquire Bitcoin for because you were waiting for something crazier. Sadly I don’t think it’ll happen.”

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