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Key Information
• Crowdsale Token Price: 0.000029 ETH
• Hard Cap: $50,000,000
• Crowdsale Date: 2018-05-01 – 2018-12-31 (In 3 stages)
• More details here:

Traditional sources of energy are gradually becoming reaching their limit and there are many reasons for this. The reserves of gas, coal and oil are steadily declining; their extraction becomes more and more expensive and labor-consuming, which certainly affects the cost of the extracted barrel or cubic meter of hydrocarbons. Also, environmental problems associated with transportation, processing and use should be taken into account. Quite often there are alarming reports of serious fires in oil refineries and large leaks from tankers. In the sea within a radius of hundreds of kilometers, animals, fish and marine plants die. It’s time to think seriously about alternative ways of getting electricity and heat in order to avoid problems in the future related to fuel shortages and save the Earth’s environment.

The Venusenergy project sets such a goal both on a global scale and for solving a specific problem, namely, reducing the costs related with mining. Everyone who is engaged in the generation of bitcoins or other types of digital assets has to cover the enormous costs of electricity. Mining becomes an unprofitable, rough and inaccessible to the average users business. Without searching for analogues for standard energy carriers and their mass introduction into practice, it is impossible to make this process attractive for most people. The Venusenergy team believes that as soon as electricity becomes cheap, affordable and environmentally friendly, it will be possible to talk about the future of new digital technologies.

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Technical solutions
How will the company solve the tasks? Team Venusenergy does not plan to spend money on inventing fantastic methods as a new kind of splitting of atoms or something of this kind, because everything that can be used here and now is around us. Wind, water, solar and geothermal heat, biofuels are renewable natural sources. It remains only to expand the degree of their participation in the computational process. Transactions will be much cheaper, safer and more attractive. Moreover, the amount of heat released will decrease, which in its turn reduces the risk of global warming and stop enlarging of ozone holes. Currently, the entire BTC network consumes energy in quantity as a small country, for example, Denmark or Ireland. Growing popularity of environmental sources will lead to the development of industry in this area, in particular, to widen the production of solar panels and wind farms. Venusenergy will direct most of its resources to the development of the wind and solar energy sector.

Why do we use ICO to raise funds?
Absolutely new in the world of investments the ICO fundraising allows the company to attract additional funds for the development and widespread introduction of alternative energy sources. Crowdfunding has already proved its effectiveness in many areas and helped to achieve some great goals in the shortest possible time. As for the VENUS token, the coin is available on the Ethereum platform with support for the ERC20 standard.

• Each token buyer, regardless of the amount of his or her participation, becomes an active participant in the common cause and will help not only to make our planet cleaner and safer, mining more profitable and affordable, but also receive a certain share of the profit after the implementation of the project.
• VENUS tokens will acquire a certain value; they will go to exchanges, where the coins can be sold at a higher price, if you compare it with the initial one. Holders of the digital currency VENUS will be able to earn during the fall and increase in the exchange rate, applying standard trading methods.
• Are you involved in mining or another type of energy-intensive business? On the Venusenergy platform you are able to cut costs if you become a member of the project. After the realization of the idea, you will use cheap energy with even greater discounts and increase your income. The discount for holders of VENUS tokens is planned from 20% to 30%.
• At the moment, the popularity level of ICO allows us to conclude that the cost of investment will increase within six months. Full-fledged startup of the technical base of the project will begin after sales on the exchange, where analysts predict the remaining amount will be collected. According to the road map this is the fourth quarter of 2019.

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The team
The project team consists of highly qualified specialists and enthusiasts. The team is headed by Arnoldas Belozaravičius (CEO). Valdas Lukauskas is the executive director, and Tomas Ališauskas who is responsible for the company’s finances. Aleksandra Shevchenko and Indrė Lukošiūtė are technical and economic advisers respectively. Other members of the team are Greta Nagytė (marketing), Roman Lanskoj (developer), Andrejus Semionovas (programmer). You can learn more and personally contact each Venusenergy team member by email directly from the company’s website and via social networks.

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