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Where is the crypto tax paradise in Europe?

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When one starts cryptocurrencies trading he (or she) comes at last to the deliberations where the best places to settle his (or her) crypto deals are if one takes into account a tax issues?

1. Portugal is cited as one of the most popular places to dwell on if you’re a crypto entrepreneur. In the European Union Lisbon looks as more attractive destination than Malts to settle if you’re not a company but an individual, a geek that is fond of crypto trading and relevant things. The answer is simple: Lisbon offers less prices on food staples than Malta may offer. This is an alarm for Malta’s PM Joseph Muscat: please, do something to lower prices!

2. Malta looks as preferable place for crypto trading activities if they’re being performed by a company. BitBay, Binance, OKEx has moved their headquarters there due to the very welcome receipt from local political establishment that is full of dreaming of converting Malta to “crypto paradise.”

3. Slovenia is another country in EU offering 0% tax on incomes from cryptocurrencies activities. The “dark horse”, the country that rarely is put on radar of ordinary foreigner seeking whether touristic destination or the place to do business. It’s probably an issue of Slovenian image but in crypto terms Lyublyana, the capital of Slovenia, looks very positive. This town hosts BTC City, the mega mall oriented to pass 21 million customers who visit various 450 retail outlets offering crypto as payment option. Slovenia also hosts https://www.blockchainmonument.net/domov its own blockchain monument. Curiously.

4. Germany is a key country of EU in terms of GDP and it offers provisional 0% tax on incomes generated through crypto trading. Actually the Ministry of finance acknowledges – (document on bundesfinanzministerium.de) crypto as a payment method and cites in its decision the EU court ruling. This means that crypto is not taxed as money but the deals performed in crypto may be obliged to be taxed by Value Added Tax (VAT).

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5. Belarus is an emerging crypto friendly country. According to the two decrees of the President Alexander Lukashenko any profits derived from cryptocurrencies related activities are fully exempted from taxes if some provisions are met. One of the core provision is to establish itself as a corporate unit at the Park of High Technologies, the special economic zone established in the neighborhood of Belarus capital, Minsk.

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