NagriTech-The New Name in Organic Farming

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All too recently, the idea of having a completely sustainable and clean food supply supported organically has seemed close to impossible. However, a new company, NagriTech, has developed a product that could make organic farming more accessible. Chemical fertilizers are widely used because they are less expensive. That doesn’t mean they are better for the continuation of a healthy population and food cycle.

These types of heavy chemical fertilizers can often strip the soil of key nutrients that are vital to plant growth, which can lead to down seasons for farmers. These lost seasons can cost farmers their entire crop! There have been alternatives in the past, but all of them carry significant costs and potential delays in the farming process.

NagriTech designed a smart fertilizer, Nagri-HL, formulated from key natural microelements and antioxidants that stimulate plant growth up to 50% in some cases. Developed by a team of experienced agricultural scientists, Nagri-HL has the potential to revolutionize organic farming.

The company is conducting an ITO, starting on May 28th, based on the Ethereum blockchain. It hopes to raise up to $22,000,000 in funding to pay for manufacturing, continued research and development, distribution, and operating expenses. NagriCoin was created to tokenize the product as a utility for its marketplace. It represents one of the first truly product-based initiatives for cryptocurrency.

NagriCoin is currently in Pre-ITO phase with a 50% discount until the ITO. After May 24th, a 25% discount applies. So many investors have been flocking to this new concept ITO that it’s garnered high praise. One early investor said, “I’m proud to be a new partner of NagriCoin. This project will improve the life of millions across the world. I’m staying for the long haul, because I know the future is bright!”

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NagriTech has experienced an incredible response to its social mission to improve world farming processes. Almost 17,000 users have joined their telegram chat, over 9,000 members of twitter, Facebook includes 10,000 members, and professionally on LinkedIn they have 1250 followers of the project! While they have received overwhelming support they remain focused on the project’s purpose of organic and sustainable foods.

CEO Evgeniy Kozarenko says, “Our mission remains to provide the world with a better alternative to today! We want to leave this space better than we found it.”

The company has also issued a buyback program for its tokens. The program includes 20% from the company’s gross profits allocated to repurchase tokens from investors once NagriTech reaches profitability. The company expects to reach the buyback phase in 2020. Buybacks are popular with investors because they help to increase the value of holdings by reducing the circulating supply as demand increases.

NagriTech is an exciting and revolutionary company using the crypto marketplace as a truly unique offering for agriculture and the future of our environment. To learn more, visit

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