Where is the best place to open digital wallet?

Nevertheless that cryptocurrencies are not physical coins they still need to be stored in some place. 1. Wallets at centralized exchanges. One may easily open one’s wallet at one of the crypto exchanges. The advantages o such wallets that they’re nested in come secured places. There are also additional services to the users of such […]

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celebrities and crypto

The top celebrities promoting tokens

The ordinary people like listening to the people who’re being “stars”, the popular media figures, actors and actresses, singers and other performers. Sometimes these people started backing some altcoins… Actor Steven Seagal endorsed the dubious cryptocurrency under the name of Bitcoiin2Gen. He has made official statement in his verified Twitter account https://twitter.com/sseagalofficial/status/965898618443051008 but now this […]

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Inicial Coin Offering

Top-5 crypto burgeoning countries-2019 because of fiat devaluation

There is a key factor that lags behind a country’s movement into crypto sphere: fiat devaluation. For any entrepreneur who’re interested to learn where the best place to thread on in terms of crypto one must take into account the condition of local currency. If currency plummets then it’s time to initiate here a crypto […]

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How to track Bitcoin and altcoins prices?

Cryptofonia.pro has already introduced CoinMarketCap.com as one of the most popular free service to track Bitcoin and altcoins prices. But this site tracks only roughly 2,000 cryptocurrencies. 1. Such deficiency is elevated at Cointracking.info the resource that covers 6,000+ cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, altcoins and tokens. So if one wants looking deeply into crypto market he […]

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Max Keiser: Russia is going to buy Bitcoin as strategic reserve

The famous crypto analyst Max Kreiser has drawn masss-media attention through his original interpretation of events evolving around the world. He shares his opinions through his Twitter account aimed to promote Bitcoin as the best cryptocurrency ever. Keiser praises the policies conducted by the Russia’s central bank chief, Elvira Nabiullina, and states that Russia is […]

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