Max Keiser: Russia is going to buy Bitcoin as strategic reserve

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The famous crypto analyst Max Kreiser has drawn masss-media attention through his original interpretation of events evolving around the world. He shares his opinions through his Twitter account aimed to promote Bitcoin as the best cryptocurrency ever. Keiser praises the policies conducted by the Russia’s central bank chief, Elvira Nabiullina, and states that Russia is going not only further amass gold as it does while reducing its public debt to 16% of GDP but it also considers Bitcoins as strategic reserves and may start amass these cryptocurrencies as well.

Earlier he made remarks regarding the “yellow vests” movement in France that showing its disgust for current official politics. He argues that “if every French person converted 20% of their bank deposits into Bitcoin (and got a Bitcoin debit card to use for day-2-day stuff), French banks and the government would collapse and a lot of bloodshed could be avoided.”

Keiser believes that Bitcoin has bright future and there is better education together with coming financial turbulence that mat lead to greater rate of Bitcoin mass adoption. He anticipates the US dollars downfall and this will lead to the situation when one will see a new all-the-time-high of Bitcoin. He states that financial sanctions imposed by USA on a number of countries just speed up the realization of above mentioned scenario. As far as it concerns Bitcoin Keiser believes that Bitcoin is not playing just a role of stock of value (SoV) function but it’s going to replace fiat, US dollars in particular. His view is backed by Tim Draper who argues that fiat will surrender to Bitcoin about 50% all fiat connected transactions in the world.

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