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There are numerous surveys dedicated to the topic what the most friendly Bitcoin countries are. But there are some things worth to make it clear: criteria. If one talks about cryptocurrencies turnover then we may figure out the top-3 countries.

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1. USA. US market is leading market when one speaks about the volume of cryptocurrencies purchased. It’s very interestingly since the inventor of Bitcoin is reportedly Chinese based brilliant mind (or maybe, brilliant crypto team or organization) well known and identified as Satoshi Nakamoto. Another strikingly feature is that Bitcoin traditionally fills the gap of lame fiat circulated in developing countries such as Turkey, the country that holds #1 spot in terms of cryptocurrencies turnover in Europe. The Turkish lira loses its value to US dollar hit by the US sanctions imposed on Turkey, its NATO ally. The strange world, the strange financial world as well so the leading position of USA in cryptocurrencies world turnover may be a harbinger of big shift in the global US dollar bases system and US economy may lead the game.

2. Japan holds the second position in the world as far it concerns crypto volume. Tokyo has made bold steps to crypto since it’s has seen a tool to diminish cash turnover in the country. Bitcoin and altcoins are accepted as a mean of payment at thousands stores across Japan. Meanwhile recently Japan started cracking down ICO and severed the control over the crypto operations as its cryptocurrencies exchanges.

3. South Korea ends top-3 crypto countries. BTC and altcoins has gained visible popularity among retail investors here. In the distinction from Tokyo Seoul is apparently fond of blockchain and support the distributed ledger technology (DLT) introduction through budget investments. Meanwhile cryptocurrencies and ICO has met a cautious reaction from South Korean government and this not bold attitude opens an opportunity for other countries to grab this #3 spot and to be a member of exclusive top-3 crypto countries in the world if one speaks about the crypto turnover volumes.

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