The world celebrates 10-year anniversary of Bitcoin

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The Bitcoin was kicked-off exactly 10 years ago as crypto analyst citing an original message sent by the “father of Bitcoin” Satoshi Nakamoto. The people involved into crypto community found themselves in various conditions now. One of the founder of SilkRoad, the place in DarkNet that was using Bitcoin for illegal transactions, Ross Ulbricht serves now double life prison terms and another 40 years.

Ulbricht was a bad case for using Bitcoin and crypto community has quickly started to shrug off such murky usage of cryptocurrencies and come to the situation that now Bitcoin and it’s peers are less used for criminal activities than US dollar itself. Ulbricht sending a message to crypto community, also hopes that Bitcoin will choose the right way.

Bitcoin has drawn a much attention in Twitter crypto community and has chosen one of the tweets as one of the most exciting: Caitlin Long, the staunchest advocate for Bitcoin and multi-year white collar employee at the biggest financial institutions of Wall Street, has a flag with a print of Bitcoin. The thing to do this day is a reading of White Paper of Bitcoin presented by Satoshi Nakamoto and deliberation over already accomplishments and future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies taking as a whole. As emotionally billionaire Mike Novogratz states, “ten candles on the cake. 100 billion plus in value. The spark and backbone of a revolution. Happy Birthday $btc. And thank you Satoshi – wherever you are.”

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