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Cryptocurrency is what made its beginning through the Bitcoin in 2009. Launched at the backdrop of the economic slowdown that bled the global economy back in 2007-08, the cryptocurrency was introduced with an aim to release the traditional economy from the clutches of centralised control. Since then, the cryptocurrency arena has been witnessing a huge growth. A host of crypto assets have been launched and aiding in a host of services and functionalities. Urunit is one such latest entrant that has redefined the online gambling through a community managed platform.

Urunit – An Overview

The casino or online gambling has a lot of potential making it an option for investment. Urunit wants to do just that.

The platform is managed by the community members in its entirety. That should possibly explain everything. U Run It is the philosophy that the team behind the concept believes in. The firm will be creating an online gambling platform wherein all the games would be hosted and managed by the members of the community. It also comes with an open source API making it possible for the third party game developers to add games created by them to the platform.

What would make them a force to reckon with?

It would be the only crypto platform that would be governed and controlled by its own community. It would be the players themselves who would own the games being hosted, control the entire house and receive all the profit.

Here are a few features that would make it one of the preferred options –

  • Players would not be playing at a casino, but would be playing with each other through the games hosted by themselves.
  • It has been observed that players tend to be interested in novelty and get bored with casinos after casinos. Urunit solves the issue by making the game all the more interesting game. In fact, the entire casino itself turns into an exciting game.
  • The use of blockchain technology would ensure that the platform indulges in a fair play
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The Future Ahead

The system has been considered to be an all in one system and thus includes everything a gambling platform would need. That has been exactly what has been attracting the other casino owners to become the owners on the Urunit platform.

The concept has been drawing enthusiastic response from the gamblers, casino owners and investors globally. The platform is being seen as the future of the gambling industry in the long run to come. The company has been planning something that would disrupt the gambling industry (though they are unwilling to spill the beans as yet) as the number of users increases on the platform.

In Conclusion

Urunit is definitely going to be a revolution in the arena of gambling. In fact, the traditional casino industry – as it stands today does not give any sort of power to the customer. That is exactly what Urunit wants to change. It will let the users run or rent their games, control the house and get back something in return. The Blockchain based smart contracts system would help achieving completely secure intra platform transactions with ease.

If you are looking to invest in Urunit, we would suggest you move ahead by all means. If you are someone interesting in investing in gambling arena, Urunit should be your best bet. You can indeed find yourself growing faster as the number of users increase. Do take a leap and reap the benefits!

Tokensale: https://urunit.io/

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