SEC is coming to final stage to clarify its Bitcoin ETFs stance

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Jay Clayton, the chief of US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has taken a word during the “Consensus: Invest” conference. He was cautious as any top official of US government is and resembles the behavior of the head of US FRS but if the American central bank is still at odds as far as it concerns cryptocurrencies, Clayton shows that he totally adopts Bitcoin as an established investment phenomena. He also appeared on cryptocurrencies segment of American TV-channel CNBC.

The chief of US SEC reiterates his personal stance that “I think we’ve been clear that Bitcoin isn’t a security, but many of the ICOs that you see and talk about – they are securities.” He declined to claim the fate of XRP altcoins saying that decision about their status is uneasy task since “some of these questions require a lot of information.” He also added that “we’ve had no ICOs register with the SEC.To the extent that an ICO is being conducted offshore or pursuant to a private placement exemption, fine; to the extent that you’ve conducted a public offering in an ICO, it’s non-compliant.”

As it’s well known US SEC stripes the right considering any personal views of its officials as an official point of view. He also lashed at Bitcoin ETFs idea as a raw one until manipulation issues regarding cryptocurrencies market are addressed. Nevertheless US SEC head hints that the regulator is going to handle this issue in coming future and will deliver definite decision: “I’m not going to comment on timing or anything like that, but we’ve been clear on some of the issues that are of concern to us.”

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