Edelman: affluent millennials use Bitcoin

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The research paper developed by Edelman company shows that there is a sign of Bitcoin mass adoption among the representatives of the most promising class of US society, 24-38 year old citizens belonging to the category of “millennials.” If one distinguishes people based on their income then we may research higher societal strata defined as US citizens investing at least $50,000 into various assets or at least $100,000 deposited on bank accounts.

From this strata one may witness that every fourth uses cryptocurrencies and 31% of respondents plans going crypto in nearing future. There is an important that 61% of polled people uses peer-to-peer applications for payments. The distributed ledger technology was praised by 74% of respondents so it’ll be worth to call “millennials” as a people that are fond of decentralized approach to the financial issues.

They are scare of coming financial crisis in which advent there are 77% believers. 80% of affluent millennials are suspicious of tips provided by someone in financial services which earns a commission so this means a big challenge the centralized cryptocurrencies exchanges may face in the near future. This challenge is being accepted by some of them feeling the wind of change. For example, the largest by volume cryptocurrencies exchange Binance is going to start in the early 2019 year decentralized crypto trading platform.

Another survey has shown that the most US voters (60%) believes that they must have a right to donate their favorable political figures in cryptocurrencies.

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