Börse Stuttgart starts trading crypto

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Börse Stuttgart is one of European Unions’s biggest stock exchange and Germany’s second biggest, reaching $100 billion in trade, has inintiated crypto trading through a subsidiary. As the Stuttgart Stock Exchange postulates (translated from German to English), “Bison simplifies trading in digital currencies. It is the world’s first crypto app, behind which stands a traditional stock exchange. The prototype of the app already exists, the finished product will be available for free from autumn”. The app will be available since September this year. From the beginning there will be trade of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. The trading list will be enlarged in near future.

The user interface is available in German, later also in English. No fees are expected and there is no further elaboration how Bison is going to make your business-model break even. Bison also boasts of short time for any user to get into market: the activation of trading takes only a few minutes, and as some recent polls show this feature is very important for crypto newbies. It’s curious what a technique Bison is applying while analyzing cryptocurrencies movement: “Bison analyzes more than 250,000 tweets from the crypto community every day and summarizes the most important information for you”.

There is no only one news highlighting the interest of some institutional investors into crypto world. One can remember that NASDAQ is geared up to open cryptotrading platform next month. But nevertheless there are so much upheavel crypto related news lately with regards to the prominent financial institutions coming on board, yet the market is still just floating in crypto purgatory for most of this year. One can also recall that Bitcoin futures started trading on Chicago CBOE on 10-th December 2017 and if one compares BTC chart before and after that date then one sees big decline of Bitcoin price. Bitcoin current price is $8192,96, that demonstrates the decline for
last seven days as 10,92 %

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