DateCoin – Highly liquid utility token with price rise mechanics implemented, secured by the growing active audience worldwide

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ICO of DateCoin: why the blockchain and AI will change the dating industry and how the creators of the project want to breathe new life into the crypto world

Less than ten days left until the end of DateCoin ICO. It’s team has already raised SoftCap.

DTC is a highly liquid utility token of the ERC-20 standard designed on the basis of the proven business model for dating around the world with the inherent mechanism of cost growth due to the support of a large number of users.

The project team prepared to the ICO more than seven months, developing the concept of maintaining the course of the tokens and creating an innovative online dating service based on the use of advanced technologies. They include artificial intelligence, blockchain, neural networks, big data processing, etc.

The basis for the creation of the service will be the application Denim, which has been successfully working since 2015. Its audience exceeded 800 000 people, the profit in 2017 amounted to more than 2.5 million dollars (compared to previous year, the yield increased 15 times). Today, every potential investor of the project can download the application and get acquainted with its functionality (

It is assumed that at the initial stage Denim users will provide demand for DTC tokens. By the way, each of hundreds of thousands of Denim users already have one token . They got them during the campaign that the team DateCoin held in honor of Valentine’s Day within the frameworks of the promotion of the blockchain and cryptoeconomy.

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Users of the service will benefit from buying the tokens, since the system of payment for services within the application will be designed so that paying them with coins will be significantly more profitable. In addition, DTC holders will be offered a number of unique services available only for tokens. So, for example, if a user wants to watch a video of a girl, he will need to buy tokens in order to do this.

According to the forecasts of DateCoin team, by 2020 the service will have more than 20 million users. Most of them will buy the token on the exchange (as stated above) to pay for additional functionality and get a discount, which means that the coin will be in constant demand even after the ICO, which will have a positive impact on its exchange rate.

Today DateCoin is preparing to make this resolution in the field of online dating. The use of advanced technologies will solve many existing problems of the industry and improve the efficiency of the dating – will create a product that has no competitive analogues. It is artificial intelligence in DateCoin project that will perform all the rough work for users: analyze user preferences, the history of previous contacts and on the basis of a huge amount of information select potential partners, acquaintance with whom can most likely turn into something more than just dull correspondence.

Thus, the users of DateCoin will be relieved of the need to spend a huge amount of time to view profiles not interesting to them, as well as fake photos and accounts. The problem of user identification will be solved with the help of blockchain, which will create an atmosphere of trust in the service. Thanks to the technology of distributed data – a record of each confirmed account will ensure its authenticity, therefore, the problem of “fake accounts” and bots will go away forever. Special attention will be paid to the cyber security of the service.

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The global online dating market is growing every year. According to experts, currently its total volume is more than $ 5 billion, next year it will exceed $ 6 billion. Every fourth inhabitant of our planet used operating services at least once in their life, and 7 percent of the world’s population uses them constantly-as they digitalize, people become more familiar with online and this trend will only increase with the advent of new technical opportunities.

All this testifies to the demand for this kind of service and gives grounds to assert the demand for DateCoin token.

Details of the project can be found here:

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