CHAINERS Blockchain Week

2nd Annual CHAINERS Blockchain Week

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Event Brief:

Asia’s Biggest Blockchain Week Events(Two days Summit & One Week Business Tour )on Jan. 14th-18th 2019 in South Korea, it named 2nd Annual CHAINERS Blockchain Week which held by Chainers and Co-organized by The Blockchainer , BlockchainI, JLAB, JRR  Crypto, TimeStamp Capital,ONT Eco,Consensus Investment, Blockchain Investment


Starts: 14th Jan. 2019 9:00AM Ends: 18th Jan. 2019 18:00PM


Chainers IncNo.1 Blockchain industry focused business development & advisory service company in South KoreaIt is set up as a JV company between Vision Creator (South Korea based Cross-border M&A advisory, Venture capital investment firm ) and The Blockchainer (NO.1 service provider in blockchain industry in China)

Annual CHAINERS Blockchain Week


 Event Hightlights:

1. South Korea is the most active Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies markets in Asia with five million digital currency retail investors.

2. Great support from Korean Blockchain Associations and Developer Communities with more than 100 Developers (KBIP Lab, Decipher, POSTECH)

3.Meeting Luxurious 50+ Token Fund & Venture capitals, 120+project team mainly from South Korea, China, South East Asia, Europe, USA at variety after-parties and conferences during the whole week(Block Water, BCI, BlockchainI, Nexusone,Consensus investment and tec.)

4. South korean TOP 10 Influencial Youtubers(신의두뇌, SPUNKY, 킬러웨일, 싱싱이진실토크TV, 박호두 해외선물), TOP 30 Naver Blog influencers, Economy TV Channel and Top Blockchain Industry Media providing high exposure rate and many promotion chances

5. Great support from Top South Korea Finance Groups, Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges( Upbit, Gopax, Coinplug, Houbi )

6. Well-Organized Business Tour will lead you enter South Korean quality projects, tech-companies, crypto funds and exchanges offices and build strong connections with them

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7. 2300+ Attendees, 60+ exhibitors, 75+Speakers from 15+ Countries

 Hear From Leaders Voices :

Chainers blockchain week

Past Event Overview

 CHAINERS2018 ​( July 1st -2nd, 2018

First week of this July, we has successfully held one comprehensive event, which is CHAINERS2018 , which has accumulated high-end circle of contacts in terms of internationally and domestically 50+Project Teams, 80+ Professional  Influence speakers , 1200+ Retail investors & Enthusiasts),


More CHAINERS2018 Videos , Please Visiting Blow Links                                        Pre-Event promotion produced by Hankyung TV                            Event Live Report by Hankyung TV                                       Chainers 2018 Highlights on site produced by ICOTODAY                 Yani Malahov, Founder of Aeternity, Ethereum Godfather was interviewed by Korea Business News                                                               Jun Li, Founder of Ontology, Chainers2018 Speaker was interviewed by Korea Business News–HM                                                             Xinxing Duan, Founder of Bytom, Chainers2018 Speaker was interviewed by Chainers Live

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Contact details:

Presentation Cooperation

Eric Li  |  Project Manager   Mobile: +86 150 2665 2832Wechat

Email:  | 


Media & Sponsorship Cooperation

Rae Mao  |  Media Partnership Manager

Mobile: +86 15821816854 Wechat: rolanjona_

Email: |


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